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Building Campaign



  • Raise $100,000 toward the purchase of our current property from Journey STL

    • We are nearing the end of our lease to purchase agreement and have an agreed upon purchase price of $620,000. (Property appraised at $1.1 million) 

    • As a part of our agreement, 80% of our lease payments have been set aside into a joint account and will be used as money down when we purchase. So that will give us $134,400 to start with.

    • The money we raise in this campaign will add to that. 




  • To jumpstart our future. Buying the property is a great step but the clock is ticking on our current building and we need to be proactive in plans to build in the near future (5-10 years). 

  • Practically, this will lower our mortgage payment allowing us to do more ministry and save for the future building. 




  • Together! $100,000 is a lot of money when we look at it individually. But collectively, with intentional and sacrificial giving we can get there. 

  • Let’s get honest and creative with our money. Think about where you can sacrifice. Could you?

    • Pack your lunch instead of eating out 2x per week? ~ $80 per month

    • Give up 2-3 Starbucks per week? ~ $50-60 per month 

    • Cancel unused subscriptions?

    • Give part of your tax return? 

    • When we all do this sort of searching the force gets multiplied quickly and this goal gets surpassed easily. 


*We have an average of 55 households who give regularly. If we spread the 100k out over each of them, it would mean $1818 each to get us there. The reality is some of us will be able to give more than $1800 but others won’t, that’s why this works best as a family, we each give what we can and the Lord provides. 


*It’s important to note that this giving would need to be above and beyond normal tithes and offerings. If we were to just switch our normal giving over to the building campaign it wouldn’t help us. 

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